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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation and Concealer Review, Swatches
The special thing about this range is the 16 hour tag attached to it – the foundations, concealers, pressed powders and lipsticks all fall under this range. Having tried the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipsticks, you can read in my review that they indeed are long lasting BUT without the drying and flaky/waxy formula which generally long lasting lipsticks are associated with. The 16hr claims are exaggerated ofcourse as with any makeup line. I mean Hello! We know lipsticks can’t last THAT long, we eat, we drink, we why the claims? But they stay on me for 8+ hours easily, the longest for any lipstick IMO. Now comes the Infallible foundation and concealer. I’m reviewing both the foundation and concealer together so that you can check back easily if its all in one place.

. Two things I look for in my foundations:
~ Coverage (if its sheer, I would rather use a tinted moisturiser)
~Longevity (You don’t want it to melt off and run for your life like Cinderella)

And then there are other things like texture, blending ability, formula, spf, etc. Read on to see if it performs.

 L’Oreal Claims:
Foundation: Infallible make-up is L’Oréal Paris’ first foundation that fights the signs of make-up melt down and lasts up to 16 hours. The Infallible make-up formula with a high dry pigment content provides optimal coverage and evens out skin tone perfectly. Encased in a fluoride base, the ultra-resistant pigments contribute to form a barrier against perspiration and sebum, and to provide exceptional foundation hold up to 16 hours! The result: a perfect finish that looks freshly applied all day long!

Concealer: Conceals dark circles and imperfections! Infallible Concealer is L’Oréal Paris’ first concealer that fights the signs of make-up melt down and lasts for up to 16 hours. Dark circles and imperfections are covered: your complexion looks even and freshly made-up. Infallible Concealer is a long-lasting, high coverage concealer. Infallible Concealer has a light and supple texture and is enriched with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. It feels very smooth on the skin.

The coverage is medium to full and you can infact skip your concealer with this one. Yes this covers up the under eye redness and dark circles nicely too meaning less layers of makeup in summers, which is a relief. This stuff is for your night outs, parties and events and anywhere you would like to look flawless. So its ideal for office girls or party girls who stay out for long and don’t get time to touch up the makeup. On me it lasts ALL day. Being an oily, I set it with some loose powder and I’m sorted for the day. And the finish is matte. On my oily skin, it turns dewy after 4hrs and then I have to blot the oil out and touch with a compact.

Texture, consistency, blending powers:
The best thing about it is that its so easy to work with. The consistency is like any liquid foundation and it blends easily. I use Sigma F80 with this one while my mom uses the Vega foundation brush and both work equally good with it. Being heavy coverage, you need less than a pump for the entire face. Remember, less is more wit this one. Another thing I would like to highlight that it never gives the feeling that something is sitting on your skin, its not feathery light but not heavy either. You almost forget you are wearing one. But do moisturize the skin well or use a primer if you have one, would make the blending easy. Dry skin girls – do moisturise!

Photo test: Since it has spf 15, I wanted to see how it turns up in the photographs. It did turn out nicely in photos without making me look like a shiny disco ball.

Skin sensitivity test: I don’t know if it was brave or foolish of me to try it while my skin was going through a very bad phase. I do have those phases when my chin breaks out terribly with zits popping out every day for almost a week (ugggh..if you are a regular reader, you probably know how much I’m sick of my skin sensitivity). But the curiosity got the better of me and I tried it and it didn’t break me out or irritate my skin further.

The colour I have is #140 Golden Vanilla which is a nice match but not the bang on perfect one. Its a little light for me specially near the chin so I adjust the colour either with a loose powder in my shade or by dusting a little bronzer to warmify. I make it work but it would have been much better had the colour been a perfect match. So do try out in the stores to check the shades.

Now comes the Infallible concealer, well I mostly skip it since the foundation pretty much covers up everything. But for the review I tested it out sans the foundation. It comes in a twist up tube. The texture is a little dry and needs some effort in blending. But once blended, it covers up the puffiness, redness and dark circles pretty well. It brightens up my under eyes nicely. I dust some loose powder with a fluffy brush to set it. The finish is smooth and never settles in the lines or turns flaky. But then I’ve oily lids. So if you have dry skin, moisturise the area well. Like the foundation, it stays on for a very long time. I tried it once for spot concealing but it didn’t like it that way so I recommend it for under eyes only. The texture makes it ideal for summers.

If I’ve to choose one, I will pick the foundation. Its my go to foundation when I want coverage and longevity (the two things I want- read above). But if you have clear skin, you probably don’t need this much of coverage.. I envy you lucky you!

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Swatches
L’Oreal Paris Infallible Concealer swatches

 Price: foundation and concealer are for Rs.1195 and Rs.900 respectively (Rs.950 and Rs.810 respectively on

So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for a long lasting base makeup that stays put, doesn’t melt, gives great coverage and blends easily. The pump ensures that you don’t waste any product. The concealer need a little effort in blending but takes away all the redness and puffiness and never settles into the lines. The foundation works almost like a concealer so you can skip the concealer. I recommend it for parties and events when you want a long lasting base makeup.

Post contains a press sample, all opinions are mine

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Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream Review, Swatches
How is your V-day coming along? Mine is going terrific! I’m having a time of my life sitting in front of my laptop while my mom watches the K-serials. Oh well…I hope at least you guys are enjoying. My V-day plans are shifted to the let me just not crib and present to you the Maybelline BB Cream. My first reaction when I heard of this cream was “Finally”. No seriously, you can’t imagine the heigts I went to get hold of those Korean BB creams. While those are Blemish Balms, Maybelline calls this one as a Brightening Balm. 
Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream

Maybelline Claims: Provides 8 benefits in 1 step! Instantly brightens, Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++, Evens tone, Hydrates, Conceals, Smoothes, Mattifies, Freshens. Dermatologist Tested. Wont clog pores. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

skin whitening cream face

First of all, let me clear the confusion over the shades. The 3 shades (nude, radiance and natural) are in the descending order, so the first one (01 Nude) is the darkest and 03 Natural is the lightest. I’m using Nude and it suits my medium nc37 skin really well. I like the colour since this one has a lot of yellow in it as opposed to the grey and pink tones which generally the korean BB creams have. So the colours are very suitable for the Indian skin tones. Once you put in on, there is a slight white cast but after some 10minutes the BB cream oxidizes to adjust to your natural colour.
The texture is thick like how BB creams are supposed to be and you need to work up your fingers to blend it out. You can use a brush too, but fingers do it just fine for me. It takes a while to spread so you need to blend it more. The coverage is light like the tinted moisturisers so it will not cover those blemishes and dark circles. But it evens out the skin and covers up the redness. So, its more like an on-the-go thing.
The oil test: I have an oily T zone so its important it passes this test. The cream is not highly moisturising and I moisturise my face well before wearing it. But I did notice the shine on my nose after a few hours. But since the weather is pretty nice nowadays, I can make it work. But in the harsh summers, you would definitely need to touch up with some loose powder or compact. And of course, the rules in the summers change so you won’t probably need a separate moisturiser then. So you can say the finish is dewy and not matte.

Tip: Moisturise your cheeks and forehead and leave out the chin and nose. Then wear the BB cream.

Ummm the size of the bottle…is well very tiny! But at this price, we cannot really complain!
Maybelline v/s Korean BB Creams
The most important area of concern is the shade match. If the colour is off, you cannot do anything with it no matter how much it conceals and hydrates. I’ve a couple of those korean BB creams which generally come in 1 shade with mostly grey and pink undertones meant only for paler girls. The maybelline BB cream has got 3 shades with a lot of yellow in it which makes it suitable for us Indians, thankfully.

blemish balm reviews

brightening lightening face beauty products

Price: Rs. 199 ($4)  for 18ml
So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for an everyday wear kind of a product which evens out your tone and hides the minor blemishes and redness. It takes a while to blend and adjust to your skin colour so you need to be patient. If you have been going gaga over the BB creams trend, then you need to have a look. It is infact better in terms of shade match and coverage from some of the Korean BB creams I’ve tried. And well…maybelline has done it again.

And if you would like to win this BB cream for yourself, then just answer a simple question here

Product sent by the brand for consideration.

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Ginger Tea instantly turns me on! Although I don’t drink tea usually except for the exam days when I’m burning the midnight oil (I can’t study in the morning) and need some caffeine in my system to stay awake. In fact I can drink 4 full cups mugs during those days nights! And no not lemon tea, jasmine tea, darjeeling tea..only ginger tea for me please! But ginger in your lip balm? Read on for the answer!

the body shop candied ginger lip balm review

TBS Claims: This non-sticky balm quickly hydrates lips and has a fresh zingy scent.

  • Instant hydration
  • Non-sticky
  • No parabens
the body shop spiced vanilla cranberry joy lip balm

I avoid buying Limited Edition products be it lipsticks, fragrances, body butters or lip balms..they make me feel I’m a hoarder and stupid enough to fall for this run-before-its-sold-out trap..I’m a smart girl you biggy brand so you can’t fool me with these marketing tricks..if its good enough you will make it permanent. But recently I jumped onto the other side of the fence and decided to break my own rules (curiosity got the better of me) and got this tiny tub out of the Limited Edition Candied Ginger range. And I’m never going back to the permanent products!

I have half a dozen balms but ALL of them are tinted and every girl needs an un-tinted balm in her life…to sleep on with, to wear under lip colours, to use like moisturisers in emergencies (yes there are emergencies like that!) so I wanted a no fuss, do-what-it-is-supposed-to lip balm and that’s pretty much what it is all about. Not to mention this has to be my favorite of all the lip balms I’ve ever tried. Boy it moisturisers like nobody can. The texture is thicker than ordinary balms and once on your lips it heals, repairs, protects and moisturises. I don’t prefer using it under lipsticks since it is a bit thick to do that but use it alone on your lips or as your night lip treatment and you will wake up with soft feather lips. You won’t need to re-apply often since it is there for some 4-5 hours after application. It looks like Amul butter or desi ghee in the tub but I assure you its nowhere close to that. Also, I could not detect anything ginger in it. It has a very slight smell which I probably don’t even notice.

They have a similar balm in Cranberry Joy (its tinted and has tiny red gold shimmer in it) and Spiced Vanilla (my sissy got it and which by the way smells very strongly of vanilla..okay I love vanilla so much but its way too strong to make you puke cringe..the guy warned if I’m going to wear it on dates I better stay away!). But the smell apart, it works the same way like the one I have. So these lip balms are HG material girls, you better pick one of those!

By the way I noticed that ever since I started using this balm I’ve not used any lip scrub. Infact I don’t need to since I don’t get flaky lips anymore. So double yaay!

And oh if you are one of those “oh digging the same finger in the tub is so unhygienic!” then you have got 4 fingers, use them all!

the body shop lip balm care chapped dry

Yesterday I was posting some birthday picture on my personal facebook account and a girl who was my senior in school commented that she has always been a silent but regular reader of VNA! Omfg I was hell shocked surprised since this blog has always been my sweet little secret! She later added that I inspired her so much that she went ahead and got a blog of her own…awww thank you so much Yukti, you made my month! A shout out to Yukti for not only reading VNA but keeping the secret as well! She is a new-bi and I wish her loads of luck with her blog, you can check it out here

Price: Rs.340 ($8)

So is it for you? Its my favourite balm till date and I don’t see a reason why you won’t like it either. It hydrates, repairs, heals, moisturises your lips all the same time. Plus the smell is nowhere close to ginger so no worries!

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