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We all know there is an acute shortage of gel liners in India. I get bored easily and now looking for something other than Maybelline gel liners. I hear Revlon has launched these cute gel liners and my only question is….
When are they launching it in India?!

The Colorbust lipsticks were launched here when the rest of the world was over Colorbust lip glosses!
Revlon you are the only drugstore brand I look up to apart from Maybelline for fun new makeup things. So now be a good boy and launch them asap!
They are available in 4 colours: Black, Charcoal, Plum and Brown.

gel eye liner

And now picture of the day..look at this!

shah rukh khan salman hrithik roshan childhood old pictures

I don’t see much changes in Salman Khan. But Hrithik…omg! He has worked really really hard on his body. And Shah Rukh is so chubby in that hair cut..sadhna? :P

Are you sick of the long waits too?

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