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Kanika mailed these photos to be featured here on VNA. Thanks! These are from the latest Sony Vaio launch. I have a love-hate relationship with Kareena Kapoor i.e I hate her but I lover her fashion sense. Is that possible?

If I have to define her look for the even in one word then it has to be sophisticated. The black number with sheer neckline looks flattering on her unlike some other people who study fashion but have no sense whatsoever (I’m talking about you Sonakshi Sinha). I cannot see much of the shoes but they look good. I always stress that go easy on accessories in summers and Kareena seems to read this blog!

In terms of makeup and hair, she scores again. I’m all for sleek high ponytails (I just wish I could do it on my hair but those layers :\ ). The makeup is so her (remember her makeup jo na lage made up commercial?). So shall we assume she is wearing something from the Lakme Absolute range? :P

Copy the look by lining your eyes with a smudge free kohl, I suggest Mac Smolder. Tightline the upper lash line with the same kohl. Add a wash of a colour closer to your natural skin colour all over your lid and define the crease with a dark brown shadow. Line your eyes with a black gel liner like Maybelline Gel Liner and add some falsies and apply a voluminous mascara like Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. Fill in your brows with a dark brown shadow and your eyes are done. Apply an earthy peach blush on cheeks like Mac Gingerly. Highlight the bridge of your nose, temples and cheeckbones with a powder highlighter like Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter. Wear a mlbb (my lips but better) lipstick of your choice and apply a hint of lip gloss in the center of the lips. Taddaaa you are done! So much makeup it takes too look ‘not made up’!

If I’ve to find a fault in the look then it had to be the nail paint! What do you think about her look?

Colorbar Instant Coverup Stick Concealer Review, Photos, Swatches

colorbar instant cover up stick concealer

This Christmas eve came with a twist. When everybody around was getting richer and richer with presents, I got a phone poorer (damn you thief). So what if it was begging to be replaced? So what if its depreciation value was nearing a zero? (okay maths genius I know depreciation never gets 0 ). So what if all my cousins and friends considered it a good news? It was my phone! It was probably the most “in” gadget I could ever get with that bright orange back panel. Yes you guessed right, it was my dear Corby. My best friend’s first reaction was “Blackberry! It’s an omen!” (Refer Miss Malini’s Blackberry contest which was ending on 25th).I was almost convinced that the blackberry was made for me! Did I tell you how much I loved my phone? Its like I was emotionally attached to it, who stood by me in its thick and thin (read the times I dropped it from unbelievable heights). Okay enough of cribbing.

concealer spot dark circles acne
colorbar instant coverup stick concealer

It claims:
  • Chamomile for soothing and vitamin c for anti oxidant benefits.
  • Soft and creamy with high color payoff.
  • Handy for instant concealing
cover up makeup blemishes
colorbar concealer swatch

I’ve never been lucky with concealers. While the Oriflame concealer is my very own Touch de Eclate except that it doesn’t conceals! The others end up being my eye and lip primers. But I can safely say that the curse has been uplifted now. By the way, Bharti requested this review. I wouldn’t have probably reviewed it for the next 3 months given how lazy I am!

This concealer has got 3 shades and even though I’m medium toned; I went for the darkest shade to be on the safe side. And it was a hit! As you can see, it is a chubby stick pencil which looks a lot like those NYX Jumbo eye and lip pencils. The texture is creamy and thick but very easy to blend. The coverage it gives is medium. Let me show you how it works on my under eyes. I don’t have much dark circles to begin with *touchwood* (yes I’m superstitious!)

before after photos makeup concealer foundation
colorbar concealer unblended
before after pictures dark circles concealer cover
colorbar concealer blended

It hides my veins and makes the area look brighter. I’m guessing it will cover the dark circles nicely too. Here is one more test. There is this little spot on my arm, let’s see how it covers it:

before after photos spots acne marks blemishes makeup concealer
colorbar concealer test on spots

As I said, it is not full coverage but medium enough to lighten it. But when you use it along with your foundation, the spots are covered fully. It stays on my oily skin for about 3-4hours and in these winters, it lasts even longer. It doesn’t settle into the fine lines but since it’s a stick concealer, you need to moisturize the area first.

Colorbar has now come up with these pot concealers which claim full coverage. Pots disturb me whether they are lip pots, eye shadow pots or the concealers. So, I’m sticking with this stick concealer. Plus its travel friendly. I use it on the go for touch ups. You don’t need a brush with it. Just pat it with your ring finger and you are done.

The only pet peeve is the sharpening part. It doesn’t work with my Lakme sharpener. I think I would be needing the Colorbar sharpener soon. Damn these clever tricks! Colorbar doesn’t work with Lakme, Lakme doesn’t work with Inglotand the cycle goes on. Why can’t they come in a standard size?

Price: Rs.425 ($9)

So is it for you?Yes if you are looking for a concealer for daily use which is creamy, blends nicely and is easy enough to work with without needing any makeup tools. The shade selection is limited but if you find a good match then nothing like it. Even though the stick is quite small but I don’t mind it considering the quality it provides.

PS- I wanted to write my sad cell phone story immediately when I got home. But since it was Christmas and I didn’t want to spoil the Christmas cheer and fun.. yada yada. You know what I mean right? But the next Christmas morning was really good. Now before I start abusing the PS space, I would stop here and more on that in my next post.