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Which Should You Apply First: Foundation or Concealer?

That’s the first question that comes to a girl’s mind when she has just started with the ABC of makeup. I too had this query a few years back when I didn’t even know the difference between foundations and concealers (look how far I’ve come!). So when I was explaining base makeup to a cousin few days ago, she asked if its okay to go the moisturiser > concealer > foundation way. And with a smile I answered her knowing I just HAVE to write it here.

See it depends on three things:

1. Your skin condition
2. Texture of concealer and foundation
3. The area you are targeting

1. If you have relatively clear skin: then you apply your foundation first. And later decide if you still need a concealer since foundations generally cover your light blemishes and redness. Most of the times you will find you don’t need a concealer at all. It also depends on the coverage your foundation gives.
Btw this is the most common method.

2. Texture of your foundation and concealer:
If your concealer is in a stick form than you can apply it on some specific spots on your face and let it settle down a bit. Then go over with your liquid foundation lightly so as not to rub off the concealer.

If your concealer is liquid or cream then ofcourse it will be rubbed when you apply your foundation. So just apply the foundation first and then later dab the spots with the concealer.

3. Under Eye concealing or spot concealing:
If you are using it for spot concealing then the foundation comes first generally.
And if its for under eye dark circles concealing then do it either way. The foundation which you normally use for your face can be too ashy or light for your under eyes so people commonly use shade matched concealers there instead of foundations.

I tried explaining it in the simplest way possible. If you still have doubts then ask away!
Btw which do you use first? Foundation or concealer?

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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation and Concealer Review, Swatches
The special thing about this range is the 16 hour tag attached to it – the foundations, concealers, pressed powders and lipsticks all fall under this range. Having tried the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipsticks, you can read in my review that they indeed are long lasting BUT without the drying and flaky/waxy formula which generally long lasting lipsticks are associated with. The 16hr claims are exaggerated ofcourse as with any makeup line. I mean Hello! We know lipsticks can’t last THAT long, we eat, we drink, we why the claims? But they stay on me for 8+ hours easily, the longest for any lipstick IMO. Now comes the Infallible foundation and concealer. I’m reviewing both the foundation and concealer together so that you can check back easily if its all in one place.

. Two things I look for in my foundations:
~ Coverage (if its sheer, I would rather use a tinted moisturiser)
~Longevity (You don’t want it to melt off and run for your life like Cinderella)

And then there are other things like texture, blending ability, formula, spf, etc. Read on to see if it performs.

 L’Oreal Claims:
Foundation: Infallible make-up is L’Oréal Paris’ first foundation that fights the signs of make-up melt down and lasts up to 16 hours. The Infallible make-up formula with a high dry pigment content provides optimal coverage and evens out skin tone perfectly. Encased in a fluoride base, the ultra-resistant pigments contribute to form a barrier against perspiration and sebum, and to provide exceptional foundation hold up to 16 hours! The result: a perfect finish that looks freshly applied all day long!

Concealer: Conceals dark circles and imperfections! Infallible Concealer is L’Oréal Paris’ first concealer that fights the signs of make-up melt down and lasts for up to 16 hours. Dark circles and imperfections are covered: your complexion looks even and freshly made-up. Infallible Concealer is a long-lasting, high coverage concealer. Infallible Concealer has a light and supple texture and is enriched with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. It feels very smooth on the skin.

The coverage is medium to full and you can infact skip your concealer with this one. Yes this covers up the under eye redness and dark circles nicely too meaning less layers of makeup in summers, which is a relief. This stuff is for your night outs, parties and events and anywhere you would like to look flawless. So its ideal for office girls or party girls who stay out for long and don’t get time to touch up the makeup. On me it lasts ALL day. Being an oily, I set it with some loose powder and I’m sorted for the day. And the finish is matte. On my oily skin, it turns dewy after 4hrs and then I have to blot the oil out and touch with a compact.

Texture, consistency, blending powers:
The best thing about it is that its so easy to work with. The consistency is like any liquid foundation and it blends easily. I use Sigma F80 with this one while my mom uses the Vega foundation brush and both work equally good with it. Being heavy coverage, you need less than a pump for the entire face. Remember, less is more wit this one. Another thing I would like to highlight that it never gives the feeling that something is sitting on your skin, its not feathery light but not heavy either. You almost forget you are wearing one. But do moisturize the skin well or use a primer if you have one, would make the blending easy. Dry skin girls – do moisturise!

Photo test: Since it has spf 15, I wanted to see how it turns up in the photographs. It did turn out nicely in photos without making me look like a shiny disco ball.

Skin sensitivity test: I don’t know if it was brave or foolish of me to try it while my skin was going through a very bad phase. I do have those phases when my chin breaks out terribly with zits popping out every day for almost a week (ugggh..if you are a regular reader, you probably know how much I’m sick of my skin sensitivity). But the curiosity got the better of me and I tried it and it didn’t break me out or irritate my skin further.

The colour I have is #140 Golden Vanilla which is a nice match but not the bang on perfect one. Its a little light for me specially near the chin so I adjust the colour either with a loose powder in my shade or by dusting a little bronzer to warmify. I make it work but it would have been much better had the colour been a perfect match. So do try out in the stores to check the shades.

Now comes the Infallible concealer, well I mostly skip it since the foundation pretty much covers up everything. But for the review I tested it out sans the foundation. It comes in a twist up tube. The texture is a little dry and needs some effort in blending. But once blended, it covers up the puffiness, redness and dark circles pretty well. It brightens up my under eyes nicely. I dust some loose powder with a fluffy brush to set it. The finish is smooth and never settles in the lines or turns flaky. But then I’ve oily lids. So if you have dry skin, moisturise the area well. Like the foundation, it stays on for a very long time. I tried it once for spot concealing but it didn’t like it that way so I recommend it for under eyes only. The texture makes it ideal for summers.

If I’ve to choose one, I will pick the foundation. Its my go to foundation when I want coverage and longevity (the two things I want- read above). But if you have clear skin, you probably don’t need this much of coverage.. I envy you lucky you!

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Swatches
L’Oreal Paris Infallible Concealer swatches

 Price: foundation and concealer are for Rs.1195 and Rs.900 respectively (Rs.950 and Rs.810 respectively on

So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for a long lasting base makeup that stays put, doesn’t melt, gives great coverage and blends easily. The pump ensures that you don’t waste any product. The concealer need a little effort in blending but takes away all the redness and puffiness and never settles into the lines. The foundation works almost like a concealer so you can skip the concealer. I recommend it for parties and events when you want a long lasting base makeup.

Post contains a press sample, all opinions are mine

I sometimes feel that may be I’m jinxed when it comes to comes to concealers.
May be, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named cast some spell on me “Anticoncealeretti!!” And now Anshita you are doomed for life. Why oh why Dark Lord no concealers for me? The thing is I’m never lucky with concealers, some are either totally off in colour, some crease like a maniac and some give a coverage which can put other concealers to shame.

It Says: Formulated with PreciseLight Technology. The perfect cover-up. Seamless, skin-true, full coverage. Visibly conceal undereye circles & blemishes.

Price: Rs.229($4-5) for 2gms

This ‘Ideal Match’ concealer is not my match at all…end of sad saga!

‘Ideal’ly, its not the concealer’s fault but not mine either. It has two shades: light and medium. And I had actually ordered the medium but I should have checked it when my package came home. I usually throw away the stuff when it arrives and open it days later when I actually need it. So yes, lesson learnt.

Anyhoo, I started using it and now I’m not sure what to do with it. What exactly can you do with a concealer which isn’t your match at all? 

I use it on my under eye area and it does a nice job of brightening it up. I don’t have severe dark circles to start with so this works for me. It takes a bit of effort in blending since it’s not creamy.

It fails when it comes to spot concealing:
  • The coverage is light, so it won’t cover up the dark spots and acne marks.
  • You are supposed to dab and not blend to conceal spots but when I dab it, it just stays there looking like some off white blob on my face.

You can see how off match it is for me. The arrow indicates where I applied it and you can see the area is considerably lighter.

Now, I don’t like tossing up products into the bin until and unless they are absolute duds. So, I found out ways to use it:
  • As an eye base: Although it isn’t the perfect eye base in the world, obviously since its not meant to be. But it works decently there.
  • As a lip concealer: under my lighter lipsticks and lip-glosses. And it works very nicely like this. It hides my upper lip pigmentation nicely and in fact I sometimes use it to re-shape my lips to make them look thinner and it works great. It makes my lip colours last longer too!
  • To brighten up my under eyes, as mentioned above.
You can read my review of the cheap highlighter marketed as Oriflame Concealer.
I’m now starting with the Inglot Cream Concealer and Colorbar Stick Concealer, so look out for them.