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Starlets On Streets: Block That Colour!


colour block outfit for college There are 3 types of girls. One who is too smart to pay attention to her clothes. She would rather read an extra chapter on the chemical properties of carbon than think about what to wear to college.The second category spendsan hour in front of her wardrobe every freaking day […]

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Starlets On Streets: You Can’t (h)Ear Me!


Back with another post on this Starlets On Streets series! I hope you are enjoying at as much as us (here “us” includes me and all my models!) We have so much of fun clicking pictures on streets, class rooms, wash rooms…..everywhere! These girls I meet are real starlets and they do need their fare […]

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How My College Dressed Up For Halloween! Demons Rule!


craziest Halloween photoshoot ever Here comes my most well timed post ever! Its been almost a fortnight since Halloween and here I’m (no I did write a Halloween nail art post last week). The thing is I forgot to charge my camera tat day and these photos were taken my a friend so just got […]

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