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colour block outfit
colour block outfit for college

There are 3 types of girls. One who is too smart to pay attention to her clothes. She would rather read an extra chapter on the chemical properties of carbon than think about what to wear to college.
The second category spends
an hour in front of her wardrobe every freaking day and complains how she hasn’t got enough clothes and how her handbag doesn’t go with her outfit and how her hair won’t just listen to her and so on.
And the third one thinks of herself as a diva and does a mini fashion parade everyday. She can skip a dinner to save some extra bucks for the outfit she has been eyeing since last week. She thinks repeating an outfit more than once is a cardinal sin and she would rather die then be seen in the same outfit. She always has this fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day.

I’ve friends in each of the three mentioned categories but no no I’m not getting into trouble by naming them ;)
Today we have a colour block outfit up here. Somehow the camera could not pick up the colours. The blue and yellow were brighter in person. If you are more brave than you can substitute the blue hand bag for green or may be pink. My photography skills are improving with each day, don’t you think? ;)

neon college outfit
blue and yellow colour blocking outfit
colour block bag
blue hand bag
neon outfit
neon yellow blue outfit
neon yellow top
yellow graphic T-shirt
neon jeans top
girl next door outfit

Model: Saniya
Photographer: Me

This post is part of the Starlets On Street series.

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Back with another post on this Starlets On Streets series! I hope you are enjoying at as much as us (here “us” includes me and all my models!) We have so much of fun clicking pictures on streets, class rooms, wash rooms…..everywhere! These girls I meet are real starlets and they do need their
fare share of limelight. Today I have M with some of her best ear rings with a punjabi tadka.

I’ve this thing for hoop ear-rings. I’ve a couple of them with really big diameter and circumference (is that how you describe these ear rings?) But these sardarnis are one step ahead. They get them in all colours and designs. M has these blue metal hoop ear rings (see the picture above). It has this jaipuri feel to it. As much as I love rajasthani traditional art, I’m at a loss when it comes to describing them properly… just see the pictures okay!

women earrings
funky gold and silver ear-rings

Recently I gave another visit to Sarojini Market and was pleasantly surprised to see the collection. Who needs stars and circles when you can have owl and butterflies on your ears!

jhumkis earrings
big silver hoop earring/ jhumkis/ jhumkas

And now comes my favourite of all. Do you see the big silver hoops with small bells. Well it took my heart. It has this bohemian touch to it. Its another thing that I can’t wear it since the earring will be bigger than my face itself! M has this mini version of this big silver hoop. (Sorry M I tried removing your face but come on there’s no acne so I’m keeping it!).

punjabi girl earrings
big silver hoop earrings which add a boho touch

You see the owl below? I’ve a necklace with the same rusty owl…..I’m being tempted to complete my collection. You know there’s a collector in everybody. Some collect stamps, we collect makeup and jewelry!

owl earrings
all kinds of animal and owl jewelry

That’s it for today! By the way I have decided not to post on Sundays. I take weekend very seriously you know! I’ve lot more posts lined up so just wait and watch ;)

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